Updated 2-19-20 

2019 Fall Session 8-Ball Tri-Annual Tournament 

 Here are the brackets for the 2019 Fall 8-Ball Tri-Annual

The 8-Ball Tri-Annuals will be held at:
9111 Valley View
There are 31 teams in this sessions Tri-Annual.
15 teams will play Saturday February 22nd in their Tri-Annual.
16 teams will play Sunday February 23rd in their Tri-Annual.
There is a Bye in the Saturday tournament ( see attached bracket)
1st Round check in time: 9:00 AM
1st Round start time: 9:30 AM
2nd Round check in time: 1:00 PM
2nd Round start time: 1:30 PM
3rd Round check in time: 5:00 PM
3rd Round start time: 5:30 PM
These times are for both days.

Please check the link to the brackets below to see what day and time your team plays 


Here are the Rosters for all of the teams playing in the 8-Ball Tri-Annuals
The players with "ineligible" written next to their name are ineligible because they did not have 5 or more matches played with the team.
If the player has "common" written next to their name with another team number that means they are on more than one team in the tournament.
The skill levels are the level each player had at the end of last session. These are subject to change. 

Click here for 8-Ball Tri-Annual Fall Session Rosters