2018 Summer Session Final League Wide Standings

Congratulations to our 2018 Summer Session MVP Champions!
8-Ball Blue Tier (SL 2-3) - Norine Petersen
8-Ball Yellow Tier )SL 4) - Gabriel Early
8-Ball Red Tier (SL 5) - Marvin Benjamin Ventura
8-Ball Orange Tier (SL 6) - Trevor Whitworth
8-Ball Purple Tier (SL 7) - Rogeur Habachiy
9-Ball Green Tier (SL 1-2-3) - Chris Hannum
9-Ball White Tier (SL 4-5) - Victor Burke***
9-Ball Black Tier (SL 6-7-8-9) - Trevor Whitworth
***Our sincere apologies to Chad Woodruff. The information we posted above was not correct. Unfortunately, the list did not include all of our divisions. The #911 - Excalibur division was excluded.