8-Ball Leagues

Teams Qualify Weekly For The Ultimate Prize - A Trip To The APA World Pool Championships 

There are 3 Sessions per year which means you have 3 opportunities each year to qualify for VEGAS! 
American Poolplayers Association
Summer Session Begins In May
Fall Session Begins In September
Spring Session Begins In January 
Teams consist of 5 to 8 players. A solid team will have a combination of advanced, intermediate and beginner players. With the APA Equalizer Handicap System, everyone can play and anyone can win! Weekly play is $50 per week per team and 5 players will participate in one evening. That makes league play only $10 per player per week! And to make things even better, you do not have to pay for your league table - all of our host locations open the table for you! 
8-Ball Divisions Are Offered Throughout The County On The Following Nights  
  • Sunday Evenings 5PM (Inland OC)
  • Monday Evenings 7:00PM (Inland OC and Beach Cities)
  • Tuesday Evenings 7:00PM (In House At 99 Bottles & Cocktails)
  • Wednesday Evenings 7:00PM (North OC, Inland OC and Beach Cities)
  • Thursday Evenings 7:00PM (North OC)
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