Start Time Update 2/12/20

2019 Fall Session Top Shooter List


The 8-Ball Top Shooter Tournament will be held

Saturday February 15th
Doors open @10:00 AM
The 9-Ball Top Shooter Tournament will be held
Sunday February 16th
Doors open @ 11:00 AM 


Both will be held at  Campus Billiard

Below is the link to the 2019 Fall Session Top Shooter List.
Click Here for 8-Ball 
Click Here for 9-Ball 

To be eligible to play in the Top Shooter Tournament:
1) You must be one of the top 10 players in your Skill Level Tier in your division  
2) You must have played at least 6 matches with your Fall Team
3) You must be on an active roster in the same format you are eligible for ( 8-Ball or 9-Ball or both)
If your skill level goes up or down after you become eligible but before the tournament, you will play at your current skill level and that is the tier you will be playing for.

There will be a custom hoodie awarded to each winner for each Skill Level Tier ( 9 total)
8-Ball Tiers:
2's & 3's: Start Time 10:30 AM
4's: Start Time 12:30 PM
5's: Start Time 2:30 PM
6's: Start Time 4:30 PM
7's: Start Time 4:30 PM 
9-Ball Tiers:
1's, 2's & 3's: Start Time 11:30 AM
4's & 5's: Start Time 1:30 PM
6's & 7's: Start Time 3:30 PM
8's & 9's: Start Time 3:30 PM 


Good Luck !!!