Below are the brackets for the 2019 Summer 8-Ball Tri-Annuals
We will be playing on Saturday Oct. 19th at Shotz and
Sunday Oct. 20th at The Huddle
16 teams will play on Saturday and 16 teams will play on Sunday.
Please make sure and know where and when your team will be playing 
The doors will open at 8:30 and the First Round begins at 9:00 AM.
The Second round begins at 2:00 PM and the Final Round will be at 7:00 PM
We have tried to make it fair and place the teams that normally play in the South County area
at the Huddle and the teams that play in the North County area at Shotz, however some teams may have to travel farther than normal. This way there will be only one day of play for every team in the Tournament.
The rounds are spread out so that you may have time to practice before your round.

Good Luck and see you there!! 

The rosters have been updated to show your current Tournament Skill level and eligibility
If your name is highlighted you are either ineligible or you need 10 matches before the World Qualifier.
If your skill level is highlighted that means it has changed for the Tournament.
It does not mean your skill level will change on your regular play roster at this time.