Who Wants To Be A POOLionaire? Tournament

  Held yearly in January
Join us for a day of FUN at our Who Wants To Be A POOLionaire? tournament. This event is open to all OCAPA members on a team. Entry is $10 with 100% payback. It's a single elimination, race to 2, non-handicapped 9-Ball tournament. Your entry gets you one "lifeline" card that can be used at anytime during any match throughout the tournament. If you run out of lifelines, additional cards will be sold for $5 and all card sales will be added to the pot!
What lifelines are offered?
 Ask An Expert: Get coaching from anyone in the room
Celebrity Shooter: Ask anyone in the room to shoot your shot for you
Skip Your Shot: Don't like the leave your opponent left you? Did you hook yourself? Skip your turn at the table and let your opponent shoot.
Mystery Box x 2: Come up to the tournament desk and reach into the mystery box. This box is filled with hilarious stunts your opponent must perform prior to or during their shot!