Playoff Rules & Info

Two weeks of playoffs will be held at the end of regular session play to determine which teams will advance to the $75,000 World Qualifier tournament held once per year in June.
After the final week of regular session play, the League Office will conduct the Wild Card draw via Facebook Live. Those teams not seeded in the playoffs are eligible for the draw. Teams will lose eligibility for the draw if they are past due any amount, have had more than one late envelope during the session, they forfeited more than five individual matches during the session or are judged ineligible by the League Office. 
All players need to play at least 5 matches with your team this session to be eligible for playoffs. Ineligible players cannot be used to coach or keep a team under the 23-Rule.
If a team cannot field their 5 lowest players listed on their complete team roster and stay under the 23-Rule, they may play 4 players to 19 points and forfeit one individual match.
A forfeit in 8-Ball is worth 3 match points and is scored 3-0 on your scoresheet. A forfeit in 9-Ball is worth 20 match points and is scored 20-0 on your scoresheet.
Once a team wins 8 points in 8-Ball or 51 points in 9-Ball, the team match is over. Write DNF in the total innings column if you have an incomplete match. 
If an 8-Ball or 9-Ball team match results in a tie, the team match will be awarded to the team that won 3 out of 5 individual player matches.
Full weekly team fees are due to a playoff match regardless of the number of matches completed.
And most importantly, remember to HAVE FUN!