FINAL Guaranteed Singles Qualifier - Saturday November 11th @ Location TBD - Last Chance To Qualify For The 2018 APA Poolplayer Championships

Friday, October 27, 2017

American Poolplayers Association


This is your last chance to get qualified for the 2018 APA PPC's!
Saturday November 11th @ Location TBD
Beginning At Noon 
The APA Singles Program is now better than ever! Every player that qualifies for the 2018 Poolplayer Championships will receive MORE travel assistance ($200 per player), SINGLE OCCUPANCY during the national tournament plus $100 guaranteed and a APA Championship cue case upon registration for the event.

Want To Be Part Of The Action?

We are looking for players of ALL SKILL LEVELS to compete in these qualifiers! The only requirement is that you must be on a current team with at least 10 matches played in the format in which you are trying to qualify.
We will be holding GUARANTEED Singles Qualifiers, four player tournaments, on Saturday November 11th at Location TBD beginning at NOON to get YOU qualified for the upcoming Singles Regional tournament that will be held the first week of March. Players who win the Singles Regional will be off to VEGAS to compete in the 2018 Poolplayer Championships! 
The 2018 Singles Regional tournament site is TBD and is based on area participation. The more players we get qualified the higher the chance we have of hosting it here in Orange County! So get your team together and join us for a day of fun.

Guaranteed Singles Qualifiers


What do we mean by "guaranteed"?

 We guarantee that you will win a qualifier. If you don't, you play for free!

How hard is it to win?

These are four player tournament boards. Win two matches in a row at any point during the day and you're qualified! If you lose a match, sign up on the next board and try again. Keep trying until you win or get tired!

What if you can't be there when we start?

It doesn't matter - you can jump on the next board any time during the day. We will keep running boards until we run out of players or the location closes, whichever comes first!

It's free if you lose - how much does it cost if you win?

If you win, we ask that you pay a $40 deposit the day of the qualifier. You will then have 1 week to pay the additional $100 to the League Office. That is a discount of $20!

You have nothing to lose! Why not give it a shot? Worst case scenario, you play pool all day for free! Best case, you''' be headed to the APA Singles Regional!  

The APA Poolplayer Championship is bracketed by skill level tiers - all with the highest payouts offered in any amateur competition!
In 8-Ball, there are 6 tiers - the blue tier (2-3), yellow tier (4), red tier (5), orange tier (6) and purple tier (7). Each skill level tier will compete for the first place prize of $15,000 at the 2018 APA Poolplayer Singles Championships!
In 9-Ball, there are 3 tiers - the green tier (1-2-3), white tier (4-5) and black tier (6-7-8-9). Each skill level tier will compete for the first place prize of $10,000 at the 2018 APA Poolplayer Championships!