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Tipsy Tuesday In-House 8-Ball League
Begins Tuesday July 19, 2016 7:30PM
Every Week At 99 Bottles & Cocktails
We are excited to announce that the NEW Tuesday night 8-Ball League will begin THIS TUESDAY at 99's in Anaheim. 99's just brought in BRAND SPANKIN' NEW Diamond tables and balls and this league will be played on them. This in-house league will use the same format as all of our other divisions but you will not have to travel. That's right, all play will be at one location, every week, on these beautiful tables.
99's has amazing Taco Tuesday food specials and cheap drinks and they want YOU to come and play with us! And just as a little bit more incentive to join, the League Office has a team and we will be giving out those oh so coveted "I Beat The League Operator" patches every team you beat one of us LO's. Care to take that challenge?
We are looking for players to fill up these teams...
Give us a ring at 714-674-7665 if you want to join!
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Saturday July 16, 2016 @ Angels Stadium
Tuesday August 9, 2016 @ 99 Bottles & Cocktails
2016 APA World Pool Championships Celebration Party & Payouts 
August 11-20, 2016 @ The Westgate Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

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Teams are always forming in the Orange County APA! Have a new team? Give us a call at 714-674-7665 so that we can set up a one-on-one training session with you and your new players!


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July 2016
Events for the Next Month
Date Description
08/01/16 - 08/02/18 Check The Homepage Of Our Website To See The Details Of All Orange County APA Upcoming Events!
08/11/16 - 08/14/16 APA Ladies 8-Ball Championship
08/11/16 - 08/19/16 APA World Pool Championships - MiniMania
08/11/16 - 08/15/16 APA World Pool Championships - Open 9-Ball
08/14/16 - 08/16/16 APA Jack & Jill Championship
08/15/16 - 08/20/16 APA World Pool Championships - Open 8-Ball
08/16/16 - 08/19/16 APA Masters Championship